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This multimedia photography series takes the viewer through the story of my artistic life, ranging from my birth to the present day. Using my artistic background I am able to fabricate/ abstract my pieces to tell a visual narrative and grant the audience an almost cinematic experience. Images are set up through leading lines and frame within frame compositions to draw in the viewer.  By using nongeneric techniques like digital illustration and photo manipulation these images are a very modern and new school. Being an illustrator by nature causes me to think of new ways to view an image. The question ponders in my mind, “What would I like the people who view my art to see, feel, and think?” While creating this art I’ve learned the importance of distortion and using the given mediums to your max capabilities. Abstracting color hues, shapes and forms develop emotion, readability, composition, and relatability. Without these techniques, the art would feel bland. To make sure the pieces were all cohesive I wanted to give them a very editorial look (something that you’d be able to vision on an album, movie, or magazine cover). Pop art played a big role in my pieces. I took lots of inspiration from movies like Spiderman: Into The Spider-Verse and albums from Parliament-Funkadelic. I was also inspired by polaroid styled photography. This is shown in my artwork but the use of halftone, pointillism, and grain. The use of lighting was a huge component for me. Being limited to only my phone and Ipad camera means that proper lighting is crucial for a base image. Another key component for my work was the usage of props, using anything at my disposal to illustrate the story I want to convey.

The Arrival
The Lift
The Cocoon
The Cluster
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